Q: How many people can fit in your buses/campers?

A: We can accomodate up to a maximum of six in the rear seats and one up front next to the driver.


Q: How many buses/campers do you have in your fleet?
A: We currently have four original vintage air-cooled VW's: Monty (a rare 1972 pick-up van), Minty (1972 microbus), AutoAnni (1973 a very rare automatic microbus), Roxy (1972 Devon camper) and Ruby (1972 Dormobile camper) the one that started it all! Also, a '61 Karmaan Ghia and a '71 Beetle (currently being restored and will be available for video and film shoot hire.

Q: What ages do you accomodate?
A: We suggest that our workshops are most suitable for those aged eight to eighty. However, younger children are also welcome as we have done parties for three year olds, which is more like a bit of messy play. Our workshops are great creative family activities, groups of friends or workmates any age.


Q: What if I only want to book for three people?
A: You can book for as liitle as one person if you wish but in accordance with our pricing you must book the bus/camper as a whole, which would be a minimum of £149.99, working out to £24.99 per person for a party of six. You can also book for up to a maximum of seven with one person seated up front next to the drivers seat for £169.99. This works out as the best deal per person.

Q: Where do you park the buses/campers?
A: We require a standard sized parking space at your location. If parking restrictions are in place it is your responsibility to provide our driver with a valid visitors permit or ticket for the full duration of the activity (usually at least an hour). The activity will not take place without this. Please read our T's & C's.


Q: We are outside of your coverage can we still get involved?

A: We are hoping to increase our coverage  soon but you are more than welcome to visit our weekend stall in the heart of Covent Garden at the famous Jubilee Market (next to the London Transport Museum). 

​Q: What times do the activities run from?

​A: Currently workshop activities run on the hour from 6pm to 8pm for children and 6pm to 10pm for adults. Monday to Friday at the weekends we are at Jubilee Market, Covent Garden, London.

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: To cancel your booking please email us directly and without delay. If we receive your cancellation 72 hours before the start of your booking you can expect a full refund. If it is cancelled less than 72 hours beforehand, unfortunately no refund will be provided.  We do understand there are situations beyond peoples control and will try to accommodate to allow people to move their reservation if possible.  We reserve the right to cancel or move the booking to another time and date. Please read our T's & C's.



Q: Who designs the activities?

A: All our workshops have been designed by  our founder, a teacher and former Head of ICT, Computing and E-Learning. He has fifteen years of experience and is passionate about fun, creative, enrichment activities for children of all ages eight to eighty!


Q: Are your drivers cleared to work with children?
A: All our drivers have DBS clearance. Most already work in education as teachers or teaching assistants.

​Q: Do we go for a ride in the bus?

​A: currently due to licensing constraints the bus is static and does not move whilst the workshop/activity is in progress. we do plan on offering tours in our buses once we have secured the appropriate licensing (in process) from TFL. Please check out the TOURS link on the menu bar for more information.


Q: What is your enviromental policy?
A: We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. A core value of the business is to restore, reuse, recycle. We offset our carbon footprint by working with specialists and aim to be net carbon nuetral.  We will be planting trees amongst other best practice. Most of our products are handmade in our London workshops and we are committed to using reusable and recyclable materials. We try to make all our packaging reusuable and repurposeable too.


If you have any questions that have not been addressed please do not hesitate to email us.