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Deluxe Kit  only £19.99 

 Kits from only £9.99 

Paint your very own iconic VW camper/bus model. This is a fun activity for both kids and grown-ups... Go on unleash your inner creativity and do something a bit different.


We have sold as many of our VDubTubs to grown-ups as to kids. With the popularity of adult colouring books last year, folks seem to be exploring their creativity more. explore yours with one of our cool, retro models of the iconic VW splitty bus. 


What's included in your VDubTub?

  • Funky plaster of Paris model of an iconic VW bus

  • Quality water based acrylic paints

  • coasters/mixing pallets

  • food safe tub

  • Paint brush

  • funky bus sticker

  • Disposable apron

  • tissue

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