Get Involved...!

Ages 8 to 80

Go Create...!



We plan to have regular competitions for our clubbers. These range from best painted model, most creative game, t-shirt & logo design, dapper teacher of the year to random whimsical competitions. Watch this space for news on when the competitions start. Cool prizes to be won! You have to be in it to win it so go on... GET INVOLVED!



We believe in creative expression and provide a platform for you to showcase and express your creativity. We plan to feature galleries of best work, including competition winners and photos of painted models sent in to us by clubbers that we just think are cool. Send us photos of your skill & creativity and let us show the world!

Loyalty scheme


As a clubber you will soon be able to join our loyalty scheme and be entitled to discounts and entry to competitions for freebies and cool stuff! Watch this space!


Browse our products and unleash your creative imagination. Enter our competitions, express yourself and showcase your skill & creativity.

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- Model Painting Kits
- Game Coding Kits
- T-Shirts printing Kits

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